"Quality, not quantity"

Dear Readers,

To my beloveds, family, and all of you, welcome to the collection of meaningful poems & e - Story 'WordyBook' & 'Bachpan ka Pyar' Within these pages, you will find words that express the depth of my emotions and the precious bonds shared between us.

These poems remind us of the love, joy, and strength that unite us. from the depths of my heart, I present 'WordyBook' & 'Bachpan ka Pyar' before you - a compilation that signifies 'Vocabulary' and 'Composition of Words'. It reflects the essence of life, love, and everything in between,

This book is a labor of love, written with the inspiration to touch and resonate with your hearts. Through each poem & story book. I have woven my words to connect with your hearts during the journey of life.

"Build your
Own Dreams."

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to share these words with you. Your love and support have been instrumental in this endeavor. Your support, along with the love of my family, has been the driving force behind this effort.

It is my heartfelt desire that 'WordyBook' & 'Bachpan ka Pyar' finds a special place in your heart and offers you a sense of beauty and experience. I will forever be grateful to all of you for being a part of this journey and for allowing my book 'WordyBook' & 'Bachpan ka Pyar' to become a part of your lives.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for becoming a part of this journey and granting me the privilege of making my book 'WordyBook' & 'Bachpan ka Pyar' a part of your life. Your encouragement will continue to fuel my passion for writing, and I promise to keep sharing the thoughts of my heart with you through my words. Once again, thank you from the depths of my heart.

With love and gratitude,

Abhay Soni :)

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